Nicola Valley Community Theatre Society Public Meeting A SUCCESS!

NVCTS General InfoThe Nicola Valley Community Theatre Society Public Meeting, held on October 28th at the Merritt Civic Center, was a HUGE SUCCESS! The public meeting was well attended with over 100 guests arriving for the evening. Upon entering the venue, attendees were met with a visual presentation of the Conceptualized Drawings, Vision and Mission Statement of the Nicola Valley Community Theatre.  Nicola Valley Community Theatre Society Board Members were on hand to answer questions and provide details of the plans and project.

One of the goals of the Nicola Valley Community Theatre Society is to increase membership within the Nicola Valley Nicola Valley Community Theatre membership committeeand beyond to at least 1000 members. Two of the main reasons for the focus on membership growth are of course; #1- to spread an awareness of the project and #2 to imply the backing and seriousness of the community for the project resulting in an increased possibility of potential grant providers. The public meeting was the perfect venue for the addition of new members and we are please to announce that the attendees were very receptive and a large number were added at the meeting.  We still need your help to reach our goal of 1000 members, so be sure to add yourself.  The cost is only $10 per year for an individual and $20 per year for a family. Click here to visit our Membership Page and become a member of our TEAM today!

Kurt Christopherson Nicola Valley Community Theatre Board Member Kurt Christopherson was our gracious MC and shared our vision, goals and progress thus far. Kurt was sure to relay the importance of community involvement and that the new Nicola Valley Community Theatre will provide a venue like no other currently available in Merritt.  The project consists of 3 – 100 seat theatres that will show first run, new release movies via a movie broker and a 250 seat multi purpose community arts facility that can also run independantly produced films as well. This facility will attract talent, corporate workshops and various event possibilities that perhaps wouldn’t have considered Merritt as a venue location without it.

Chris Allen with Landform Architecture Ltd. out of Chris Allen Landform Architecture Ltd.Penticton, B.C. was in attendance. Landform is providing the architectural services for the project. Chris shared an informative slide show including conceptualized drawings, lay out, spatial relationships and building finishes as well. Please feel free to download the slide show here and share it with everyone you know!


Just prior to the close of the meeting, Kurt Christopherson opened the floor to the public for a Q & A session. There were many questions answered, opinions offered and the public was encouraged to share the Slide Show plans and meeting information with their respective user groups. It is the hope of the Society that the user groups will go over the information with the intention of making suggestions as to how the construction and layout will best suit them and the community at large. We encourage you to please Contact Us with your findings and any fund raising ideas that you may have to get things moving forward toward our financial goals as well.

Nicola Valley Community Theatre popcornThe Nicola Valley Community Theatre Society would like to thank all who attended and make it known that this is just the first of many public meetings that will be held. So, not to worry, for those of you who  missed out…  Yes there will be delicious popcorn served at the next meeting as well!!

Thank you for your interest in the Nicola Valley Community Theatre Society.  We Appreciate your support!

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